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We hope you enjoy your stay here.
Here you will find parts for your Volvo and many other things like Superpro bushings, carburettor etc.
If you miss something or have any questions, you are welcome to contact us via email / phone or via message.
The page is under construction and new parts & pictures are added all the time.
Note: if a part on your order is out of stock we will contact you as soon as possible
Oil Kendall GT-1 20W50 Zink (ZDDP)
Kendall GT-1 20W50 Mineral with Zink additive (ZDDP)
SEK 440
Oil Kendall GT-1 10W40
Kendall GT-1 10W40 Mineral with Zink additive (ZDDP)
SEK 395
SuperPro Kit Amazon 1967-/P1800 1966-
A kit with the available polyurethane bushes for Amazon 1967-70. For street and sport
SEK 3,613SEK 4,014
Piston B20 forged
Available in different sizes 89.25/89.75/90.00/90.50/92.50mm
SEK 1,395
Take off plate
For use with remote filter
SEK 395
Fuel pump Facet Red Top Kit approx 150l/h
Kit with Facet Red Top Pump fuel pressure approx 0.41-0.55bar
SEK 1,195
Head gasket set B230E/F/ET/FT/GT (Elring headgasket)
SEK 595
Block gasket kit B19/B21/B23 B200/B230
For engines with fuel injection
SEK 445
Throttle linkage Weber DCOE/DCO
Weber 45/48DCOE and 48/50/55DCO
SEK 995
Oil cooler 13 row Mocal
13 row Mocal oil cooler with fixed connections
SEK 1,150
Air filter Pipercross KK600 height 110mm
Pipercross Road and competition KK600 outer height: 110mm
SEK 995
Dual valvespring kit B19 B21 B23 B230
A kit with eight double valvesprings for B18/B20 kit, our special alloy retainers and centering...
SEK 1,800
Ignition Distributor 123 B18/B20
Brand new distributor, contactless, with many different ignition curves to eg car, marine engine,...
SEK 3,600
Brake hose
Sport Kit 240 8.1978-92
SEK 1,495
SuperPro Kit 240 1985-93 (82-84)
SEK 4,127SEK 4,585
Bushing Superpro Control arm - front/rear  S60/V70 -2008
SEK 1,140
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