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123 Distributor

All 123 distributor are non points, and fully digital.
No extra boxes to be connected.
There are distributors which have finished original ignition curves added, that you can choose between with a small contact / switch inside the distributor.
This is the simplest choice for those who just want to replace your old distributor with one that is new and fresh and backlash free.

There is also distributors which are programmable (via a USB connection) with the aid of a computer / laptop.
Some models can be controlled / programmed via Bluetooth from your phone or tablet.

TUNE a programmable model (123TUNE) (USB) which is very well suited for tuned engines, or for those who really want to adjust your engine for optimal results.
Both ignition curve and vaccum advance can be adjusted.
Two different curves in the distributor stored simultaneously.
You can switch between them from the driver's seat with a switch (not included).
Can also be changed during live operation.
Boost retard for supercharged engines.
Meters are displayed on the computer / phone / tablet screen mm.

Download Link of software can be found here: Software

TUNE PLUS model (123TUNE###PLUS) programmed using bluetooth connection.
You will need an app found here (Android) (Appstore)
This distributor also have immobilizer function (theft prevention)
Same features as the Tune model except this has one curve memory only.

Gauges shown on the phone/tablet:
Temperature of the distributor
MAP sensor (over/underpressure in intake manifold)
Advance ignition

When you decided to buy a 123 distributors, it is perhaps time to review the remainder of the ignition system?
We always recommend to invest in new ignition wires and spark plugs.

Also consider the ignition coil role in the system.
If you have an old coil there is a risk that you can not use your distributor fully.

We have different ignition coils well suited to 123 Ignition distributor.
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