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SuperPro from Australia - e-mail us if car not listed!

S60 V70

The Original from Australia
A series of high quality polyurethane bushes
with superior properties

The bushes are typically darkblue

Our technology: Driven by dedicated R & D

SuperPro polyurethane suspension bushes are not copies of the OE rubber components. They are specially developed from the ground-up to take advantage of this material’s unique properties. Polyurethane bushes by SuperPro are unique as they are the only polyurethane products fully backed Design-Engineered--Manufac by a professional research and development program with many years of hands-on experience in the automotive suspension industry.

SuperPro R & D includes rigorous testing in the lab, on the street and on the track. SuperPro innovates with the latest technology in polyurethane & suspension design to give our customers the best possible suspension and chassis solutions.

Polyurethane kit PV
A kit with the available polyurethane bushes for PV 444 544. For street and sport
SEK 2,075SEK 2,305
Polyuretan kit Amazon -66/P1800 -65
A kit with the available polyurethane bushes for Amazon 66/P1800 -65
SEK 3,110SEK 3,455
SuperPro Kit Amazon 1967-/P1800 1966-
A kit with the available polyurethane bushes for Amazon 1967-70. For street and sport
SEK 3,614SEK 4,015
SuperPro Kit 140 1967-69 Kit
SEK 5,099SEK 5,665
SuperPro Kit 240 1975-81 (82-84)
240 1975-1981 and some 1982-1984
SEK 3,884SEK 4,315
SuperPro Kit 240 1985-93 (82-84)
SEK 4,127SEK 4,585
SuperPro Kit 740 940 760 960
740 940 all models plus 760 960 -1994 with rigid rear axle (not multilink)
SEK 5,995SEK 6,965
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